GenesisCircle is a custom software development and design company headquartered in Canada offering services in development of small integration applications to complex web applications, web design, web hosting, search engine optimization. See our Services section for a full list of the services we offer.Our aim is to develop and deliver the best quality software for you. We come in under budget and beyond expectations. We work closely with you, listening to you and adding our experience to come up with a truly tailored product. We work with clients all over the world. You will be happy you chose us for your software development project. You can expect excellent quality, high attention to detail, affordable prices,

fast turn-around times and friendly customer service. Professionals at GenesisCircle have developed software for various industries including health-care, construction, transport and other software companies. Contact us today to get started on your next project.


As a business owner, Christopher is able to put himself in your shoes and help you make the right decisions for your business. Our company engaged Genesis Circle to develop our v2.0 web-based application. Christopher not only came up to speed quickly but became a core member of our development team. He is a collaborator and is usually thinking about five technical steps ahead of everyone – which is exactly what we need. He delivers on time and on budget and has an uncanny ability to make you feel that you are his only client.
–Tracyann Mains (GreenNurture)
I had my e-store site ( programmed by Genesis Circle. I found Chris to be very responsive and replied to all of my emails in a timely manner. The site is very professional looking and Chris worked with me to help me stay within my budget. Chris offered me various options and solutions when required.
–Faz Patel (MyGroovyBaby)
GenesisCircle are professionals who are very easy to work with. They provided a rapid turnaround to our database reporting requirements allowing Texas Systems Group to meet unique client reporting requirements. I highly recommend GenesisCircle for your database reporting needs.
–David L. Doran (Texas System Group)
Using exchange sync, all of our employees can get access to the Connectwise contacts on their mobile device in the proper format. It works perfectly. Thanks for the great work
–Scott Wilson (Marathon Consulting)
Chris and his team are totally amazing! He is a great communicator. One of the things I like most is the way he responds to our requests. He normally responds to each email with the message “done” When I receive the message I go check their work and either respond “done” or send him a list of requested tweaks. Normally, we send him web content through out the day and his team key strokes the content that evening. It is very gratifying to see your thoughts and ideas come to life in your website the following morning. If you choose Chris as your web vendor you better be prepared to run. He will push you for content and keep you motivated to stay ahead which is nearly impossible. Another reason we like working with Chris is his work is very competitive. Compared to our last web vendor we can get unlimited changes on a monthly fixed rate for about the same as we were paying for a couple of hours of maintenance. As a result of his design, the pages on our site load quickly and flawlessly. Pay special attention to way he built the menu tabbing. Each tab has its own theme and dedicated graphics. This helps the users visually understand each submenu for faster for more functional surfing.
–Brian Murphy (Bruckner Truck Sales)
Chris is a thorough professional who listens well to his Clients, gives clear \'non-techie\' directions as to what he needs, then provides a winning creative solution in a timely fashion. He even provided some excellent upgrades to my site, and his reasonable pricing provided excellent value.
–Wayne Twaits (THINC Brands Architect)
DoingNYC is a unique web site in that it lists events, big and small, in all five boroughs of New York City with a specific editorial style. Affiliated with Ticketmaster, Telecharge and key NBC-Universal properties, people living in or just visiting the Big Apple are learning to log on to Genesis Circle used our guidelines to create an attractive and effective site that is relatively easy for us to maintain with a small staff, yet look polished to the public. They have made our little company look like a big deal.
–James A. Richards (DoingNYC)
Thank you, Christopher, for doing a great job with the website. Our Excel Care Nursing Services team really appreciates your professionalism and effeciency in designing the website. It is indeed nice to work with someone that is punctual and provides the service in a timely manner. Thank you once again!
Genesis Circle has been most wonderful to work with. They have developed, hosted, and continued maintenance services for our company. Chris is very professional and has enhanced our site hits. Always willing and available to help in any way.
–James Harness (Millwright Riggers Inc.)
Genesiscircle has been an absolute pleasure to work with. They were fast in responding to my requests and implementing changes. On top of the great service their rates were extremely fair and there were no additional unexpected fees, which I really appreciated. The website elements that they were able to create definitely surpassed my expectations and I’m extremely happy with the end product. Our site looks fantastic! Thank you!
–Emily Dragoman (Lenz Entertainment)
Thanks so much for all the help and support to get my website up and running. I am extremely satisfied with the speedy service and all the extra help I needed (as I am not computer savy). I am now confident that I have an informative website and appreciate the continued support.
–Patsy Commisso (Metabolic Centers of Canada)
As a software developer and IT service provider, PICT has worked with many outsourced programming companies and, in our experience, project management and communications problems have been major challenges. Then we found Genesis Circle. Their developers are fast and consistent and produce reliable products, and their project management and customer service is outstanding. Genesis Circle has been a great partner and it’s staff have consistently gone above and beyond to make our projects successful.
–David Crouch (PICT)
We had a small software requirement and Genesis Circle came up with the perfect solution! Many thanks to Chris for his excellent help.
–Tony Maher (Orange Books Limited)
I would highly recommend Genesis Circle to anyone looking for web development. We have worked with several development companies and I am amazed at how quickly and competently Chris and his team are able to get the job done. It is obvious that customer support is a priority for Chris as he is extremely easy and pleasant to deal with.
–Khasha (Prollenium)
Chris and his team have been wonderful to work with. They are very customer focused, easy to communicate with and stay with a project until it is complete and working well. I look forward to continuing our relationship with Genesis Circle for a very long time.
–Advena Artemis (Advena Artemis)
GenesisCircle assists us by filling a large in-house knowledge gap that requires the development of web based custom applications involving SQL Server. Their comprehensive knowledge of .Net development and web design has resulted in the successful deployment of several applications that we use on a daily basis to help manage our business better.
–Chris Ashton (The Geo Group)
I’m writing to thank you for the difference you made in my life last year and to let you know that, of all the people in my life last year, you were one of the 20 who most enriched my life.
–Jim Early (TRAILBLAZER coaching)
Thank you for the great job in building the web site. I receive on a regular basis complements on how professional the site looks.
–Doug Dyson (Silver Lake In.)
Overall, my experience has been very good and I would recommend you and your company to others. If they are looking for quality work product, timeliness and solid customer support, they should think about working with you.
–Jim Lenz (Fantasy Insights)