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Web Applications

At GenesisCircle we specialize in custom software development, custom applications, database solutions, development solutions, and custom programming services. Our software development is available in a variety of programming languages such as Visual Basic .NET, C#, ASP and ASP.NET. We also work with third party tools such as Telerik, Infragistics NetAdvantage to enhance the user interface. We work with a variety of databases such as Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft Access Databases.

Our applications leverage the web and we use web services to access data.

We also specialize in GIS applications. We work with Telematics providers such as QUALCOMM. Our applications have used data from such providers to provide Fleet maintenance, fleet tracking, transaction tracking, rental equipment status logs etc.. to our customers. Call us for a demo.

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While You Wait is a is a health and wellness newsletter that brings up-to-date, relevant health information. The company have this newsletter in print that they circulate to several hospitals, pharmacies in the Greater Toronto and Oakville region. They wanted to take advantage of emerging technologies and make their newsletter available to readers over the internet. Why they chose us. GenesisCircle was able to provide them with a solution that would let them add regions, articles using a user friendly content management system. The solution also included a madule to handle advertisements, keep record of the click throughs and generate reports for advertisers

While You Wait

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Dr. Khoshbin was looking for a solution to let the world know about his products produced on DrKhoshbin Laboratories. They wanted their clients to be able to purchase their medical products online. GenesisCircle provided them with a solution of developing a web presence for them as www.drkhoshbin.com. drkhoshbin.com provides online purchase of Medicines and books. The payment is done using Pay Pal.


Client Location: Canada Canada

Boomerella is a social networking sites where users can post questions on the site and get feedback from the public. It uses geo coding technology to determine the geographical location of the voters. It has detailed statistics regarding the profile of the voters, what age group they belong to, their income status, marital status etc... Users are able to upload videos and images. The site is built using ASP.NET 3.5 and uses SQL 2008 in the backend.